Hack Me

I encourage you to gain unauthorized access to my phone, computers or accounts. If you do, I'm offering a treasure hunt price in Euro.

The point of the game is to educate people (myself included) on security. If you find a vulnerability, but are unable to fully exploit it, please let me know. You may be able to receive a partial bounty without retrieving the hidden treasures.

The file C:\bounty on my Windows 10 Laptop
€ 50
The e-mail with the subject Bounty secret #1 from my Gmail
€ 50
Post the message "Bounty by @YourName" from my Facebook
€ 50
Post the message "Bounty by @YourName" from my Twitter
€ 50

Rules of engagement

  1. No university or production system attacks. My colleagues or university don't like being attacked and may prosecute
  2. One pay-out per day
  3. One pay-out per vulnerability
  4. Full disclosure required
  5. No leaving known attack vectors behind after the attack
  6. Don't violate my privacy, make GPG signatures in my name, etc. Follow common sense

No physical violence!

Beating me up or threatening with physical violence is not fair game. Blackmailing or physically stealing my laptop or computer from my hands while I'm using it is also not allowed.

My phone and computers are logged in to Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. If you manage to find them unlocked, you'll be able to retrieve the treasures.

No break-ins!

I have not secured my home against physical break-ins. Don't break into my house for these bounties. It's okay if I let you in.

Inspiration / Credits

This game is inspired by a similar game run by Dionysis Zindros

shield OK

attempt by Dionysis Zindros

Mar 2017